What if you could do all the dentistry you have put off for years in just one or two relaxing trips to the traditional dental office?

Sedation Dentistry in Atlanta, GA

What if you could finally receive all of the care while you slept—free from anxiety and discomfort?

In addition to treating patients with dental phobias and anxiety, we also specialize in sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry. These include giving a tablet, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), intravenous sedation, and oral sedation to deliver a cocktail of medications. Everything is dependent on the patient’s requirements.

The best dental care is given and received in a safe, stress- and pain-free environment by both the patient and the dentist.

Experience anxiety-free dental care with Sedation Dentistry at Hackman Dentistry, Atlanta, GA. Book your appointment now for a relaxed and stress-free visit.

What does sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry entail?

About an hour prior to your session, the patient receives oral medicine. You have a light sedative from the medication, and you doze off during your dentist session. It’s secure! Your dental work is done when you awaken.

You require transportation to and from your appointment. You are allowed to take a rest once you get here in a nice, quiet room with a heated blanket. We will keep a careful eye on you the entire time you are here to make sure you stay safe.

Sedation Dentistry in Atlanta, GA

Complex dental procedures that frequently call for six or more appointments can be completed in just one!

While you are sleeping.

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