Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Atlanta, GA

An essential component of the patient’s dental appointment is an oral cancer screening. Thanks to contemporary technology, we can now identify the beginning of a potential issue considerably earlier in its development. The capacity to do so is crucial for treating any problems before they develop into serious problems that cannot be fixed.

Safeguard your health with Oral Cancer Screenings at Hackman Dentistry, Atlanta, GA. Schedule your screening for peace of mind and early detection.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Atlanta, GA
Oral Cancer Screenings in Atlanta, GA

About Oral Cancer Screening

The use of an ultraviolet light or a similar tool during the oral cancer screening enables us to see problems that are often difficult for the human eye to see under normal lighting circumstances.

On the condition of tissues and your general health in the mouth, certain lifestyle decisions can have a significant impact. Make sure to receive routine screenings when you visit the dentist if you smoke or drink a lot.

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