Occlusal Adjustment

Occlusal Adjustment hurt jaw

Do You Get Jaw Pain in the Morning?

Do you feel like your jaw is uneven when you bite? If so, an occlusal correction might be necessary.

An occlusal adjustment fixes the bite alignment caused by misaligned, displaced, crowded, or missing teeth. As a result, there is no longer any uneven pressure on one side of the mouth due to an evenly distributed bite. Your teeth will correctly mate once your bite has been corrected. Occlusal adjustment only slightly hurts and is uncomfortable. A dental drill and a fine filing stone are used to make the modification. In addition to the adjustment itself, removal mouthpieces are also used after the adjustment is finished to protect the tooth surface and ease the jaw muscles.

For Whom is an Occlusal Correction Appropriate?

Patients who don’t meet properly frequently have loose or moving teeth. An occlusal adjustment can also be used to treat an uneven bite and pressure distribution in the mouth that occur in patients who grind or clench their teeth. Occlusal adjustments can sometimes be used to alleviate tooth sensitivity since they relieve pressure on the affected tooth.

Occlusal Adjustment

With the aid of modern technology,

dentists can now precisely pinpoint the regions that require correction. The dentist scans the patient’s mouth using a computer, which can register hundreds of bites per minute and detect even the smallest imperfection. With the help of this information, the dentist may assure a properly aligned bite and minimal tooth wear by only making the changes that are absolutely necessary.

Make an appointment if you think you might require an occlusal correction.

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