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Expert Dental Bridges Service in Atlanta, GA

Expert Dental Bridges Service in Sandy Springs, GA

A fantastic way to repair missing teeth is using dental bridges. To literally span the space where your tooth was lost, your healthy teeth are used as a bridge. To make dental bridges sturdy and long-lasting, materials like gold, metal, alloys, or porcelain are used in their construction.

In order to join the bridge to your teeth, you must first make abutments out of your natural teeth. The existing teeth are reshaped to serve as the bridge’s foundation. A mold of the area is taken once the abutments have been built, and it is transported to a dental lab. 

The bridge will fit perfectly and feel as similar to your original teeth as possible thanks to the usage of the mold by the lab. The pontic, which is the new tooth that fills the gap left by your missing tooth, is attached to the two crowns on either end of the bridge and placed on the abutments.

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While we wait for the lab to construct your permanent bridge,

we will fit you with a temporary bridge. In addition to looking better than having a missing tooth, this will safeguard the abutments and the exposed gum areas. You will have a follow-up visit to install the bridge after the permanent bridge has been built. The dentist will place it on the abutments and apply an adhesive to secure it in place.

3d render of jaw with dental bridge over white background

It could take some time to get acclimated to the bridge,

but after a few days, it should feel like you have your natural teeth back.  After having your bridge installed, you should consume soft foods for the first few days. You can eat everything you want after the initial phase without experiencing any problems. You ought to seriously consider getting your missing tooth replaced if you are missing one. A missing tooth can be unsightly, but it can also affect your mouth and jaw’s structure, make it difficult to eat or speak properly, and affect your ability to chew food effectively.

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