Crown Lengthening

Expert Crown Lengthening in Atlanta, GA

Expert Crown Lengthening in Sandy Springs, GA

The dedication of dentists to tooth preservation is well known. Because of this, we choose to treat cavities rather than extract teeth.

Without a process known as crown lengthening, cavities can deteriorate a tooth to the point where restoration is all but impossible. A common surgical technique that alters the gum line’s contour is crown lengthening. The treatment lowers the gum line rather than really lengthening the crown. This is the only solution when there is not enough tooth structure to attach a crown. 

Transform your smile with Crown Lengthening Services at Hackman Dentistry, Sandy Springs, GA. Schedule your appointment now for a confident, radiant you.


A tooth has occasionally fractured below the gum line. In this case, crown lengthening works incredibly well to expose more of the tooth so that the dentist has more space to deal with.

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